koka ramishvili
Drawing Lesson, 3min10sek, extrait, 320 x 240, quickTime
Golgotha, 2min, extrait, 320 x 240,, quickTime
Paranoia, 2min, extrait, 320 x 240,, quickTime
XXX, 5min, extrait, 320 x 240,, quickTime
Black Sea, 1min, extrait, 320 x 240,, quickTime
War from my window
Collection of Bad and Wrong Words
Pronostic Eventuel (Diplomatic Missions)
Drawing Lesson
Family album
Good Morning
Sculptures Interdites
Drawings and aquarels
At the origin of “The Drawing Lesson,” an image disappears. The process of drawing is here reversed: the image is deconstructed, erasing all physical traces until it remains only in our memories. But later, through digital montage, used to rapidly increase the speed of the drawing process, the image acquires a new quality-that of a sign which cannot be read except in association with other signs. Drawing thus becomes writing, and the work itself becomes a sort of notebook, part of the biography of a man displaced, living in Geneva, Switzerland.

Koka Ramishvili, 2003, Geneva

…The resulting dramatic effect is created by the psychological dimension that the process of drawing acquires on paper, an effect resembling that of narration and the qualities proper to it, such as repetition, tendentiousness, and a fixation with detail. The soundtrack, based on the scratching noise a soft lead pencil makes on paper, was especially composed for the work and gives the film a strong emotional charge.

Evguenia Kikodze, 2003, Moscow,